The Beginner Ski Gear Shopping List Guide – What to Buy and What not to

As we all sometimes have purchasing sprees, we end up spending more money than we need. It is often that we spend so much money when we get into something new, and we still don’t have all the necessary information about the topic we are interested in. Take, for example, PC building. You could purchase the most expensive components and end up paying much more than you needed to for the performance you wanted.

It is the same with almost everything, like skiing, for example. You don’t need the most expensive skiis and you should definitely avoid the cheapest ones, especially if they are used. With that in mind, here is a list of what you need for skiing, as well as a couple of things to consider.

Skis, Boots and Poles

These are the tools of the trade. You cannot possibly go skiing without skis or boots, for that matter.

The boots are special, in that they are specifically made for skiing and work with bindings which are located on the skis.

The skis are what you stand on and what makes the most contact with the snow, unless you are going on a flat surface or somewhat uphill. Whether you plan on doing slalom skiing or freestyle or off the beaten track, will decide the type of ski you need.

The poles are necessary to an extent but you will see some skiers opting not to use them. Our advice is to avoid the cheapest gear and to buy something which is in the middle of the pack, meant for better amateurs. 

Ski Pants and Ski Jackets

Ski pants are important because they keep the cold away. You are bound to fall a couple of times when you start skiing (or countless, if you’re a complete beginner) and a good pair of ski pants will keep you dry. Some pants come with extra padding around the areas of the body which are most impacted by falls. A good ski jacket will protect you from the extreme colds and winds and be breathable on command (using a zipper).

Goggles, Helmet and Gloves

All three are very important. You cannot really ski without gloves or mittens, depending on what you prefer. You will fall and you can hurt your skin on the snow, especially as it becomes more sensitive due to the cold and wind. Goggles are important because of the sun and snow. The sun, reflecting off the snow, can cause snow blindness, which is painful and can hinder you for a couple of days. A helmet is necessary because of frequent falls, and because other people fall, people who can injure you as a result of their fall.

These are the basic things you will need for your ski trip. Make sure to purchase the gear you need, not the most expensive or the cheapest. If you can find a good deal, go for it.