5 Extreme Winter Sports that Will Raise Your Adrenaline Levels

If you’re a person who wants to occasionally escape modern life where smartphones, office jobs, and everyday routine can be a bit overwhelming, then extreme winter sports can be just what you need. In case skiing is too mainstream and boring for you, some of these sports will really get your blood pumping. We listed some of the most intense winter extreme sports that you may want to take a shot at. Stay tuned to find out our top picks.


Snowkiting, or as some people like to call it kite-skiing, is a winter extreme sport in which you use the power of the kite to glide on snowy and icy terrain. It is fun and exciting just like betting online using betting apps. It strongly resembles its summer counterpart kiteboarding, but instead of being barefooted, one needs to wear skiing boots.

Ice Diving

This winter extreme sport is a type of penetration diving, where divers go under the ice.

Moreover, the diver enters the ice-cold water from a hole cut in the ice – which is also the exit hole. On the other hand, this sport has its risky side just like other extreme sports. Basically, the divers have a higher risk of hypothermia and regulator failure caused by freezing.

Snow Kayaking

Snow kayaking, also known as snow boating, is considered to be one of the youngest winter extreme sports. The boats that are normally used for snow kayaking were built for whitewater kayaking. The races resemble regular snowboarding races and they are called boater cross. Due to the harsh weather conditions, it is recommended to wear windproof and waterproof sportswear that will shield the kayaker from the water sprays and extremely cold winds.

Snocross (Snowcross)

Snocross is a racing-based winter extreme sport where the racers use modified high-performance snowmobiles. Additionally, the racing tracks consist of a lot of tight turns, obstacles, and high jumps. The racers can hit speeds of up to 100km/h. Also, riders can make 9 meters high and 40 meters long jumps before they hit the ground. Among the winter extreme sports that are based on snowmobile racing like hill cross racing, snocross, and watercress, the World Snowmobile Association considers that snocross is the most popular one.

Ice Climbing

Ice climbing is an extreme sport in which the climber is ascending a vertical ice terrain. In ice climbing, the climber tries to reach the top of the frozen waterfall cliffs and icefalls while wearing protective gear. Besides, there are 2 different types of ice. One is called alpine and the other one water ice. In essence, the main difference between the two types of ice lays in their formation. Thus, the water ice is formatted from the natural flow of water that has been frozen, and the alpine ice is created by rain or drizzle freeze slowly.