Winter Sports – How to be Safe and Play Sports During the Pandemic

During isolation, many of us discovered new hobbies or rekindled love with our old hobbies – we started painting, used our betway sign up code to start betting on sports again, and maybe even started gardening. However, we also stopped working out (at least a lot of us did) and we stopped playing sports. We all know that we need to be careful and limit our social interactions during this difficult time of the pandemic (which is luckily, slowly getting better), but staying inside and not being physically active can be bad not only for our physical health but also for our mental health. Therefore, let’s take a closer look into what kind of effect the pandemic has had on winter sports and how safe they are for playing. 

Why are winter sports an issue during the pandemic?

Well, sports are not the issue themselves, but any kind of gathering of people who don’t live together every day is a bit dangerous as that is how the virus spreads faster. Not to mention that when you play sports, there is a lot of contact between people (of course, not in every sport) and a lot of sweating, so we can understand how the virus could spread easily in such circumstances. Winter sports are especially problematic here as they are mostly played in closed places, so all of the people playing the sport as well as those watching are grouped together in a closed space without a lot of air circulation. 

Should we not play winter sports at all then?

Of course not! Even though there is a slight risk to playing winter sports right now, there is also a lot of risk in not playing sports at all and not being physically active. We want to make our immune systems as strong as possible and exercise and sports are a huge part of that. Therefore, we should play winter sports, but of course, be very cautious about how we do it. 

What should we do?

First of all, if it is at all possible, choose a sport that isn’t played by a huge group of people. Sports such as ice skating that include only one or two people playing the sport and getting in contact with each other are going to be much safer than sports where you have 11 people playing together. If you are already a part of a team and prefer playing group sports, do not worry – you just have to be a bit more careful. You should always wear a mask and wash your hands as soon as you have the opportunity to do so.

Also, if you can, avoid locker rooms and head straight home to shower and change clothes.