Skiing in North America Vs Europe – Differences and Similarities

Sports can vary from place to place, depending on the laws and regulations which exist in a given country, or even province or sports centre/resort. It is only safe to assume that sports will be somewhat different between two continents and at least 30 different countries, some on the American continent and the rest being a plethora of countries from Europe. 

Even in online sports betting, you might not be eligible to register on a certain online sportsbook, by completing, for example, Bet9ja Registration, unless your country permits that sportsbook to operate on your digital soil.

That being said, it is only safe to assume that skiing will be somewhat different in North America compared to Europe. 

North American Resorts

In North America, most resorts are reserved for people who are relatively well off. Pistes are marked, everything, for that matter, is marked, to the point that you can’t go a kilometer (or mile) in any direction without being reminded that you might die, lose your pass or go to jail, depending on your infraction. 

North American skiers tend to be more athletic and hike up a large mountain to chase some of the world’s most thrilling rides, making their journey a life and death experience. Lifts and queues in North America are organized to the point of being annoying, where nobody will cut in line, unless they are particularly angry or in a rush. If you do make an infraction, you are surely to be reminded. Crevices, trees and various other hazards, large or small, are marked vigorously, so that you don’t end up injuring yourself. 

European Resorts

While North Americans tend to take things way too athletically, Europeans like their skiing to be a bit more tranquil.

Stopping in the middle of a piste, moving to the sides to enjoy the scenery is not uncommon for the European skier. Resorts are many and vary from mountain to mountain. Average people ski and they don’t all do it particularly well. Pistes are marked, but hazards might not be. You will not see signs everywhere as you are expected to use your head and not go diving into your death or someone else’s, for that matter. Queues are a bit rough if you are far too polite. You might get shoved. Expect to have plenty of amazing local food to taste and try, which is especially different when you move from country to country. The pistes can be very different, which can also vary from the Alps to the Rhodopes to the Carpates. 

Which Continent Should You Choose

This is a question which can only be answered with both. Whether you end up skiing in Europe or North America, you should have a good time. Respect the resort’s rules and be mindful of other, less experienced skiers. Try the local cuisine, no matter where you are and remember to stay safe, but not too safe, because skiing is an extreme sport, after all.