Fun Winter Activities for You and Your Pet

Working out, jogging, or simply walking are a lot more fun when you have a company. In case you bring your pet with you, fun is guaranteed. Your pet is your best friend that will always cheer you up, listen to you and make you smile, regardless of how stressed you are. Let’s take a look at some of the activities you can do with your pet during winter.


If you enjoy skiing and cruising on the snow, and your dog loves running and has no problem with pulling your weight, then skijoring is a perfect activity for the two of you! Of course, this one suits you better if your pet is a larger breed because of the required strength and agility. On the other hand, you can ski on your own with your dog following you, or even leading the way. Although it sounds complicated, you’d be surprised with how quickly dogs pick up commands for stopping and turning.


This one is especially fun to do if you have more than one pet. Again, larger breeds will find mushing a lot easier, so make sure not to put too much stress on your dog’s bones and muscles in case your dog is older, smaller, or weaker. The difference between skijoring and mushing is that the latter includes a cart in which you can sit or stand.

Improve Nosework

If you own a dog, you already know that practicing your dog’s ability to find things can be done both inside and outside. However, snow, rain, and mud can make the activity a lot more challenging. The scent of hidden items during winter differs a lot from the one your dog can smell during other seasons or when it’s trained indoors. Whether you’re training your dog just for fun or for professional purposes, this skill may come in handy if you once lose items you trained your dog to find.

Indoor Agility Course

Of course, not all dog breeds enjoy cold weather and snow like huskies for example, but that shouldn’t stop you from having fun with your pet when winter arrives. One of the ideas is to build an indoor agility course which will bring you hours and hours of fun. Making sure that your pet gets enough activity is extremely important, regardless of the current season and the temperature outside. If you don’t have enough space in your home, you can always visit a local indoor dog park.