Child-Friendly Winter Sports

Some winter sports are more fun than others. Some sports are exciting, hard hitting and can really throw you around. Winter sports can be like that. While some sports like ice hockey have lots of contact, other sports like skiing and snowboarding shouldn’t have much contact, if everything is done properly. While adults know (some of them, at least) how to behave and what to do, and what not to do, when going down a slope on a pair of boards during winter, children might not behave as well. 

Here are the best winter sports which are child-friendly. 

Ice Skating

Children pick up on a lot of things much quicker than their parents do, most of the time. Children are oftentimes like sponges, absorbing what they see and hear from the world around them. Some children have a better sense of balance than others, but most of them should have no problems finding their way around an ice rink. Ice skating is fun and is somewhat similar to rollerblading. Children familiar with rollerblading will make a very easy transition to ice skating. Children new to ice skating might take a couple of weeks to get used to it, but they will end up mastering it very quickly.


Snowboarding is often less popular than skiing and you can see only two or three children learning with an instructor. Compared to that, you can see groups of up to 20 children going down a slope with a single instructor. This is why snowboarding might be a better choice for children, as they will get more time with the instructor. This, with time, should translate to them being able to go down a slope without supervision. The early days are the most important ones, especially for sports like snowboarding and skiing.


If you want a popular winter sport for your child to try, skiing is the best choice. You will see thousands of skiers everywhere at winter resorts. Some of them will be skiing while others will be sitting at cafes, resting and talking about who knows what. Chances are, you will know how to ski and you can have quality time with your child on the slopes.

It is still recommended for a child to go through a skiing course, simply because an instructor knows how to deal with all the obstacles and details of teaching a child a very dangerous sport.


This is a rather interesting sport which takes the impact force away from your knees. It is safer and easier to learn. You ride on a “bicycle” which is actually a sled on three skis, two in the back and a single one in the front. You get a steering wheel, or rather, one similar to a bicycle, with handles which you can turn to steer the vehicle. It is great for children who still haven’t learned to ski.

These are some of the best winter sports for children. Make sure to go through the basics and remember to have fun!