Cheap and Fun Destinations to Visit in North America During Winter

Summer getaways are usually less expensive and less complex to organize compared to the winter ones. On the bright side, hotel and airline ticket prices start to drop after the holidays, and for the obvious reasons. If you manage to save a modest amount of cash after all the holidays and family visits, you’re on the right path to book yourself an amazing cheap winter vacation. In Poland, there’s plenty of ski places that people visit which is why this sport is so popular there – thanks to sites such as zamojska we can see how much they care about their sports results in skiing and how important it is for their athletes to be the best! Now, let’s take a look at some of the places you might opt for if you have a modest budget.

Sun Valley, Idaho

It is winter, and it’s reasonable to think you might be looking for a place to show off your skiing skills, or simply start learning how to ski. You can book a round-trip flight for a reasonable amount of money from anywhere in the United States. On the other hand, nothing stops you from hopping into your vehicle and driving to Idaho, but make sure that your car has proper tires and chains in the trunk, in case you need to use them. The city has over 200 sunny days throughout the year, although temperatures are quite often below zero degrees Celsius.

San Diego, California

We know you’re asking yourself “How on earth did San Diego end up on the list of the cheapest places to visit during winter?” Well, the keyword here is winter. Some of the first things that come to your mind when San Diego is mentioned are California beaches, cocktails and beautiful sunsets. The average temperature in January is around 66 degrees Fahrenheit or close to 19 degrees Celsius, which doesn’t really scream “beach time”.

The prices for both flights and hotels drop drastically during winter, but some things, such as the San Diego Zoo, are absolutely the same during both winter and summer. You might not get to see the bears in action, but all the other animals are as active as they are in the summer.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

If San Diego is too loud and crowded for your taste, Santa Fe might be a better option, especially if you are into art. The city has over 250 art galleries with styles that range from the traditional Native American to contemporary art. The city has historical sites, museums, and events running throughout the entire year. Surprisingly, the prices seem to drop in winter, probably because people have spent too much money during the holidays.

Pahoa, Hawaii

No vacation list can end without at least mentioning Hawaii. It truly is a heaven on earth and there is a saying that visiting it heals the soul. The temperature drops aren’t as drastic as they are in some other places in the rest of North America, but it is a bit colder in winter compared to summer. You can expect an average temperature of 78 degrees Fahrenheit or 25 degrees Celsius. The most important thing is that the temperature of water stays almost the same during the winter season (77 degrees Fahrenheit, compared to 82 degrees in the summer).